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Family support matters for the folks of Fairfax Virginia. Comfort Keepers works with local families in times when aging parents need a little third-party help to manage at home. We can't replace close family support. But we do provide loving qualified care plans for folks who choose to age at home. Keep reading to see how local home caregivers can help you and your loved ones going forward.

You will need to have a conversation if an elderly loved one suddenly needs extra support at home. But it's also a good idea to broach the topic in advance and have a plan ready just in case. This early approach means there'll be some kind of plan in place if support becomes necessary with little warning.

It Starts With Knowledge

It's not always easy to know where to start with sensitive topics like this. If you're going to have a conversation it will go much smoother with a little preparation. Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA, can most likely answer any questions the family has before they have the talk.

Questions About Home Caregivers And Caregiver Plans

The family must also be on the same page and agree in key areas. It's always a good idea to nominate a conversation starter before discussing home care with an elderly loved one. Make a note of all the questions you need answers to. And try to anticipate any questions the older person may ask as well.

Here are some typical questions families have though you're sure to have some of your own:

  • How do we prepare for the conversation; where do we start?
  • What are the various funding options available to us?
  • What kind of home care support is available in Fairfax?
  • How do we match ideal home caregivers with our loved ones?
  • How do we assess the right type of care for an aging parent?
  • How is Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving™ different?
  • Any other questions that pertain to you and your situation

The best solutions for senior at-home care occur when the family works together.

Please, don't hesitate to contact us for guidance. You can send a message or call directly for a free consultation in-home care for local seniors. Call us anytime to talk with one of our compassionate and friendly care coordinators at (703) 520-2189.



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