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Having A Constructive Family Conversation For At Home Senior Care And Support

Comfort Keepers tips on at home senior care talks

Families are more involved with aging parents and other relatives today than ever. As the demand for aging in place grows so does the need for high-quality at home senior care solutions. Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA, understands these concerns. We know the difficulties some folks have presenting the topic to loved ones. In our experience it's not the talks that are the problem—it's making a start.

The longer families keep these chats on the back burner the harder they become to instigate. There secret is to not major in minor details and present the discussion with authority and conviction.

It's Because You Care

Comfort Keepers exists to support families with our quality at home senior care programs. These include general care, personal care, and specialized care solutions. We also have a unique approach to senior support called Interactive Caregiving™. We can't replace the loving support of family members but we can certainly add an extra valuable layer of care.

Local folks employ senior support services to improve home life. With our affordable solutions, families get to spend more quality time with their aging parents and grandparents.

Here is our simple four-step approach to starting the conversation:

  1. Prepare in advance and have answers ready for probable questions
  2. Decide on a time to have the talk and stick with it
  3. Choose a nice setting from where to raise the subject
  4. Have someone in the family introduce the topic

At Home Senior Care Made Simple

A little preparation and a simplistic approach can go a long way. Anytime is the right time to have these talks and that includes the person even needs home help. Yes, early on is a hypothetical situation, but it's one the family can all agree on. Choose a time when all family members that need to be there can be present. Pick a nice setting if you can, like a restaurant or other favorite venue.

And finally, decide on the person best suited to introduce the topic. A good start often results in a good conversation after the introduction.

Contact us to learn about our extensive elderly care services and Interactive Caregiving™.  You can also call us to schedule a free consultation in-home help and care plans at (703) 520-2189.



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