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Elderly Care Services Testimonials

Discover what people are saying about the elderly care services that Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA has provided

Every day, hundreds of people discover the exceptional brand of elderly care services provided by Comfort Keepers of Fairfax, VA—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover Comfort Keepers and choose to become a Comfort Keeper caregiver themselves.

Comfort Keepers is known locally and nationally for the unique approach to care, Interactive Caregiving, which allows our seniors to live healthier, happier more independent lives.  Learn from the people who have experienced our elderly care services themselves, and see how we can help your senior loved one in Northern Virginia.



"My mother trusts her caregiver very much. She is very respectful at all times and she is able to meet all of my mother's needs. The agency is very good at communicating with me. They always keep me informed and updated on changes. I really appreciate how much they contact me. The agency is always very professional. I really have not had any issues with them but they are always keeping me informed when they run into any issues with scheduling. I have been so happy with the services that have been provided for my mother. I really appreciate the caregiver that comes and how well she has been able to connect with my mother."

Client's daughter, Fairfax VA

"The caregiver is always on time and very prompt. I never have had any issues with them being late or not showing up. The caregiver is very compassionate and kind. She is always willing to do whatever I many need and is so easy to get along with. The communication has been wonderful. I really appreciated the amount of communication that the agency had with me when choosing a caregiver."

Delores A., Alexandria VA

"Our caregiver is very attentive to my mother. They have gone above and beyond, they are a great companion. They are also willing to do anything that is asked. Our caregiver once rearranged my mother's refrigerator so that she would be able to reach things better. I would rate the training and knowledge a four because they are primarily a caregiver. Previously we had a nurse, a CNA, and I would rate them a five. The only reason being is our current caregiver knows what they are doing and is helpful, however they didn't know the signs of a stroke. I understand that they didn't come from a medical background, but it would be better if they were trained with some basic medical knowledge."

Grace S., Burke VA

"I made inquiries on the internet to many agencies and I had a lot of phone calls. I could tell that some of the phone calls was just a sales pitch to get their employee into my home even if they were not best fit. I did not get that feeling when I talked with Comfort Keepers. They are just fantastic. The caregivers needs to be sensitive to an Alzhemier's client and we were lucky to get such a caregiver."

Louis P., Springfield VA

"All communication with the agency goes through my daughter. I was very apprehensive about working out the details, but the company has done a great job with communicating with my daughter. I am the blessed one who loves the service, and I want them to keep on coming. If all of the other caregivers are as good as mine is, then you are running a delightful company, and I will highly recommend you to anyone."

Marian D., Fairfax VA

"They have someone available and they are willing to accommodate our needs. They adjust personnel if it's needed. They are good with the patient. They are very gracious about making them comfortable. They take care of their caregivers. My father has been difficult for them and they honor the needs of the caregiver."

Patricia R., Falls Church VA

"My elderly parents live in Northern Virginia and have been in their home since the 60's. They decided a long time ago that their preference as they aged was to age in place, and this would not be possible without the wonderful care they've received from their Comfort Keepers. We called Comfort Keepers a few years ago, met with Carol Caudill (a lovely, caring person herself) who listened to everything needed and found us some amazing caregivers. Not every caregiver works for every family.....sometimes it's just not a match. We've had a couple of people that just didn't fit with my parents' needs or their personalities, and Comfort Keepers handled those situations quickly and professionally. My siblings and I all know that my parents are in great hands every moment of the day. Thank you, Comfort Keepers for all you do for our family....you give us peace of mind and make our parents happy!!!"

Kay S.

The Story Of Craig & Jamarl

As our loved ones age, they will likely want to remain in their homes with as much independence as possible and it can be difficult to find the home care agency that works best for both of you. Part of what makes Comfort Keepers® different is our flexible care services and our philosophy called Interactive Caregiving™. Interactive Caregiving™ is the idea that seniors are healthiest when they nourish their minds, bodies, and social lives. Our caregivers provide this for their clients in many ways, from housekeeping and companionship to transitional or respite care.

For clients like Craig and Betty Lou our services can be invaluable. When Craig had to spend a month in rehab after a hospital visit, Betty Lou knew that she wasn’t going to be able to take care of him on her own, so she called Comfort Keepers® to help. When their caregiver, Jamarl came it was a match made in heaven. He and Craig have worked together for over two years now, becoming great friends through sharing stories and crossword puzzles. For Betty Lou this has meant an improvement in her mood and mental state, while Craig credits these conversations to helping him improve his memory.

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