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Your Loved One’s At Home Care Specialist Weighs In On Cervical Cancer

Jan 16, 2018 by Jason Allevato

Cancer of the cervix is a worry in older women and previous to the pap smear test being introduced, it was one of the most common cancer deaths. At home care providers want you to know that pap smears should be performed every three years for women aged 21 to 65. Most women who will develop cervical cancer will do so in their middle-aged years and it is not as common in older women, but it can still happen and is a risk. It is estimated that about 15% of cervical cancer cases are found in women who are considered to be seniors.

At home care professionals say that studies have shown that one of the main reasons why older women may develop cervical cancer is because they did not have the tests performed when they should have. Women who are 65 and older need to know that cervical cancer is much harder to treat in seniors. One study showed that women who are 70 are at a 1.6 times higher rate to pass away from cervical cancer as opposed to someone who is under 70 with the same conditions.

Many seniors are afraid to hear the words cervical cancer and will often avoid talking about it. At home care specialists say that it is best for women to have a test performed, even if they are over 65, especially when they have not had one conducted previously. If your loved one has not been tested for cervical cancer, you should encourage them to speak with their physician.

Comfort Keepers at home care professionals are here to help your loved one with his or her day to day activities and can assist your elderly loved one in making sure that she receives the proper information about cervical cancer. Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more. 

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