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Respite Care in Falls Church, VA

Comfort Keepers respite care offers solutions for those who care for their seniors in their Falls Church, VA home

For the vast majority of those who care for senior loved ones in their homes it is a labor of love that they would not have any other way. Many adult children talk about this time with their parents as some of the best years they have spent with them. They would also tell you however that what was some of the most fulfilling years were also some of the most demanding. Caring for an aging loved one is exhausting and it can leave even the best person desperate for a bit of rest or time to themselves. Comfort Keepers understands how difficult being a caregiver for a parent or other aging family member can be, which is why we offer respite care for seniors in the Falls church, VA area.

It Is Ok to Need a Break

Let respite care help you balance life in Falls Church, VAFor many family caregivers, the idea of needing a break from caring for a loved one can bring up feelings of guilt. Wanting to take a break away from the loved one may feel like you are being selfish. But in truth, the exact opposite is true. Any time you engage in a physically and mentally demanding job burnout is very high. Burnout will cause you to be less than efficient and it can affect the quality of care that you offer to your loved one and to the rest of your family for that matter.

Taking regular breaks can restore balance back to your life, by allowing you take care of important tasks and get the rest that you need when you need it. A restored and renewed you can come back to the job of caring for your loved one with new vigor. Not taking the breaks you need can make stress, depression, and resentment impossible to avoid, no matter how committed you are to your loved ones care.


Respite Care Is Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Respite care by its nature must be flexible. It can do you no good if you are unable to get the care you need when you need. Whether you want an afternoon nap, want to go to your child’s concert or take a weekend away with your significant other, we have caregivers available to help. If you would like to learn more about our respite services, contact us at (703) 520-2189. We can schedule you with a free in home consultation where you can learn more about our services and see how we can help you be the most effective caregiver possible. 

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